The Seance Machine is an hour long, interactive theatrical experience. You, our audience of scientific “colleagues” are invited to observe and participate in the first demonstration of an exciting new tool. A brilliant piece of machinery and engineering destined to revolutionize the study of the physics of sound and push the boundaries of the world we inhabit.

Experience The Seance Machine October 10th through October 31st 2019 at The Tank NYC


The Seance Machine is eligible for the NYIT Awards!! Vote for us here! 

The IT Awards were organized to bring recognition to the great work being done in Off-Off-Broadway and help create a community base for the estimated 40,000 artists working in the Off-Off-Broadway venue.


Check us out on episode 19 of TANKED! The Podcast featuring the writers of The Seance Machine on Apple Podcasts Here! Brandon and Ella have created a poignant, innovative, and interactive show specifically for our blackbox theater, and they can't wait to tell you all about it!


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